Dogecoin: Elon Musk says he hasn’t and won’t sell any holdings

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Tesla Inc Chief military officer and cryptocurrency supporter Elon Musk said on Thursday he has not and can not sell any of his dogecoin holdings.

Earlier this month, he called the cryptocurrency a “hustle” during his guest-host spot on the “Saturday Night Live” comedy sketch television program, leading prices to tumble.

“Yeah, I have never & won’t sell any Doge,” Musk said on Twitter in response to a tweet on Thursday claiming he would never sell any of his doge holdings which he was the “ultimate hodler”.

His tweets on dogecoin have turned the once-obscure digital currency into a speculator’s dream.

Musk has posted numerous comments about cryptocurrencies on Twitter this year, causing prices to gyrate.

Last week, Musk said Tesla would not accept bitcoin for car purchases, citing long-brewing environmental concerns for a swift reversal within the company’s position on the cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin was up 12% at $0.405, consistent with crypto exchange Binance.

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