Elon Musk has a problem with Taliban and it’s not what the world may think

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When Afghanistan is within the middle of a humanitarian catastrophe with the autumn of the Ashraf Ghani government and therefore the withdrawal of the US troops, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, for the primary time, said something about the crisis. And it’s not what the planet might imagine. Sharing a photograph of Taliban leaders carrying firearms, the technocrat noticed that the Taliban leaders weren’t wearing masks. Not one among them. Elon Musk also added his takeaway questioning whether or not they haven’t heard about the Delta variant which is driving the resurgence of the Covid pandemic across the planet.

“Really? Are you’re gonna criticize them on that? And not what they achieved in 19 days what it took the US 20 years and it still failed? i feel the delta isn’t a priority at now,” one Twitter user commented.

“Yeah coz that is the main part that ought to be the main target,” said another.

Some meanwhile said that it had been just a joke, some reminded Elon Musk of the number of times he himself behaved sort of a ‘covidiot’, doubting the efficacy of the mask, vaccine, etc.

While several international personalities have come to the fore denouncing the humanitarian crisis that Afghanistan goes through, this is often the primary time that Elon Musk commented on something somewhat related to the Afghanistan crisis.

As we began withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, bringing an end to the two-decade military exercise, the Taliban attacked one province after another, and eventually, the takeover was complete on Assumption after Taliban fighters reached Kabul.

The Taliban takeover has triggered an exodus from the country as thousands of Afghans are wanting to leave the country at any cost. Videos of individuals running alongside a plane in Kabul airport runaway, people clinging on to the wheels, and falling from a plane after it took off have shaken the conscience of the planet.


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