Sony Group donates $1 million to support the covid-19 crisis in India

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New Delhi: India goes through a terrible crisis as second wave of Corona is saying lives across the country. In India’s battle against the deadly virus, variety of worldwide companies have announced financial and logistics support. Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony Corp. has also announced a $1 million donation to support the covid-19 crisis in India.

The help comes at a time when the recent surge in infections has led to shortages of medical supplies and is overwhelming the country’s healthcare system.

“In response to things in India, the Sony Group will donate $1 million through the “Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19″ to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and other organizations, to acquire oxygen for medical purposes and PCR testing machines, and to support local relief activities,” Sony India said.

“In April 2020, the Sony Group had established the Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19 and has since been engaged in various relief efforts, mainly within the areas of medical, education and therefore the creative community. The Sony Group will still work with its partners and stakeholders to supply further support for those round the world suffering from covid-19,” the corporate further said within the statement.

Sony isn’t the primary international firm to return to India’s aid. variety of worldwide companies have announced financial and logistics support to India to fight its covid crisis. Among them are tech giants like Google and Apple. Retail giant Walmart, and a number of other others have also offered help.

US aerospace major Boeing recently announced a $10 million (about Rs 74 crore) emergency assistance package for India to support the country’s response to the present surge in COVID-19 cases. the help from Boeing are going to be directed to organisations providing relief, including medical supplies and emergency healthcare for communities and families battling the pandemic, the corporate said during a release.

Global financial services giant Goldman Sachs also announced a further $10 million support to assist India fight the surge in COVID-19 infections and deaths. The US-headquartered firm will provide support for frontline health facilities in cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi , including ongoing vaccination efforts through the assistance a politician statement said.

Aside from foreign companies, Indian conglomerates, too, are pitching in with providing medical oxygen to Indian hospitals and helping them with fixing covid facilities.

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