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Your Rs1 lakh would have become Rs13 lakh in this Tata stock in one year

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  • Multibagger stocks 2021: This Tata company stock hit the upper circuit on Tuesday and closed at Rs46.35 — 5 percent up from its Monday close price at NSE

Multibagger stocks 2021: Legendary investor Charlie Munger had once said that each good investing is value investing. It’s just that some people search for value in strong companies and a few people search for value in weak companies. So, taking a cue from Berkshire Hathaway’s Vice Chairman’s vies, a stock exchange investor should check out the valuations of the corporate while picking stocks rather than the reputation of the corporate. And once the stock is picked, one should follow the ‘buy, hold and forget’ strategy as Munger further says that pile isn’t within the buying or selling, but within the waiting. After compiling these words of the ace investor, Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited stocks seem to possess hold well for those shareholders, who bought this Tata company stock and followed the above-mentioned Charlie Munger’s advice for creating money within the stock exchange.

Tata Teleservices shares hit the upper circuit on Tuesday and closed at ₹46.35 — 5 percent up from its Monday close price at NSE. within the last one month, Tata Teleservices share price has surged whopping 85 percent while within the last 6 months, this Tata group company share shot up 331 percent. But, for those shareholders who bought Tata Teleservices shares one year ago and hold the counter to date, they need to get around 1205 percent returns on their Tata Teleservices shareholding.

Return on investment

So, on the idea of Tata Teleservices share price history, the Tata company stock moved upside from ₹25.05 to ₹46.35 within the last one month — logging 85 percent appreciation in its price. So, one’s ₹1 lakh would become ₹1.85 lakh within the last one month. within the last 6 months, Tat Teleservice’s share price surged from ₹10.75 to ₹46.35 — logging a 4.31 times rise during this period. So, if an investor had invested ₹1 lakh during this Tata company counter and had remained invested for this era, one’s ₹1 lakh would become ₹4.31 lakh. However, within the last year, Tata Teleservice’s share price has jumped from ₹3.55 to ₹46.35 per stock mark — registering 13.05 times rise. So, an investor’s ₹1 lakh would become ₹13.05 lakh if it had invested during this Tata company stock one year ago and had remained invested in it till date.

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